James Thorpe

I Love Sound!
... I really do.

Everything about it. From the biggest musical pieces to the most subtle of sound effects in a film. I have a passion for acoustics, vintage microphones and gear.

I'm an ambitious, highly optimistic, talented freelance audio engineer who lives to create amazing things with sound that serve their intended purpose. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence "on tape".

I have been in the audio industry in various capacities for two decades. I graduated with honours from Trebas Institutes's Recorded Music Production and Sound Reinforcement programs in 1992. I have worked as a live sound engineer for bands since then and still do today. I currently work as a Technical Coordinator for AVW-TELAV where I am in charge of all technical aspects of large events. My studio experience ranges from recording to mixing to producing.

I have built my studio myself, a labour of love to be sure.

Everything to do with good sound is something that I love and enjoy, whether it's advertising, audio for video, or music. Let me be the freelance engineer you always call on.

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